Страсть для древесины

The activity of the Manara family in the field of ancient-styled furniture starts already in the first years of our century with the industriousness of Giovanni, a skillful carpenter who tought this art to his son Giancarlo.

The Manaras kept during the years producing accurate ancient-styled furniture conforming to typical patterns.
Thanks to such activity, from 1959 what is today a modern plant exclusively specialized in the production of ancient-styled furniture began to develop, displaying high-quality craftsmanship in an industrial work.

The furniture produced by Fratelli Manara is made with great skill to last during the years and to meet the requirements of the most demanding markets.

Today, in the Fratelli Manara S.n.c. the whole owner's family co-operates. Helped by skilled staff, it is a firm appreciated not only in Europe but also in the U.S. and in Japan.